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And we love this hill.  Join us for group runs along the best training routes in the city.  From Inwood Hill Park we head south through Fort Tryon Park, along the Hudson River and down the Harlem River.  We run north across the Henry Hudson bridge into Riverdale, through Van Cortlandt Park and over rail trails.

Inwood Hill Runners represents a cross section of local runners as diverse as the neighborhood itself.  We run for fitness, competition, socialization and well-being. 

There are times when a solitary run is the only thing that will fulfill your training schedule or need to decompress.  For the other times a group run offers talk, security, free advice and sometimes pancakes.  You might also find that there is nothing like a little peer pressure to help improve your pace or distance. 

The Inwood Hill Runners is a fluid continuous group that adapts to the runners who show up.  While there is a core set of regulars, you are free to run with us once in a while or join us every week. 

We like showing off our Inwood Hill Runner performance shirts at local races.  Check the chatter for events like this. 

By the way we are a four-season all weather running group and we plan to run right through the spring showers into summer thunder storms.

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